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Professional, Fast and Affordable Services One-line Support including: Repair, Upgrade, Recover Data and wireless Solution. Reliable Warranty on Services. Pioneer in Customer Satisfaction.


Our Specialty


Professional, Trained, Licensed and insured staff

Founded in 2014 with family members, TechCare continues to pioneer in mobile devices, computer; Professional in Data Recovery Service, low voltage and Security Camera Sales and Installation. No matter where you are, our support team can come over your location and giving professional services with high quality. Our team members at HQ work to provide educational and promotional materials coordinate shipping and support services and develop innovative technological solutions to help customers.


Our Services

Software Installation

Including Mac OSX upgrade, Windows 10 installation, Driver Upgrade, Virus Removal, installing Office software, Outlook and other application support.

Hardware Diagnose and Repair

Including keyboard, LCD, cables, Hard drive, Speakers, Network Card Replacement.

Motherboard Repair

Including motherboard water damage repair, DC jack Repair, Soldering Defective Connections. Replace Graphic Chip.

Upgrade Hardware

Including upgrade RAMs, Change HDD to Solid State Drive (SSD), Upgrade the Logic board

SSD (Solid State Drive)

Including MAC flash Drive, Regular SSD storage, Flash Drive, Micro SD, Media Storage for any lost , formatted files.

Portable Media

Including phones, Tablets or any other wireless storage. Not possible recovery for factory reset or third-party software recovery attempt.

Regular hard drive

Including Repair physical damage, cleanroom Repair, replace head stack, pc board, replace, engine, polish platters, bad sectors, imaging with high end imaging software.

Network Storage

Including RAIDS, NAS, servers for hard ware failure or any software management corruption.

Web Development

  • PSD to HTML
  • PSD to WordPress Theme
  • WordPress Theme Customization
  • WordPress Plugin Development
  • Instagram API Development
  • WordPress Theme Development

Web Design

  • Landing page Design
  • Email Template Design
  • Web Page Design
  • UI/UX Design
  • App UI Design


  • Page Speed Optimization
  • Code Improvement
  • Content SEO
  • Keyword Analyze
  • Backling Building
  • Google Adwords


  • Instagram Feed Design
  • Instagram Management and Operation
  • LinkedIn Oprimization
  • Facebook Cover Design
  • Youtube Layout Design


Plan and implement low voltage for homes, wiring cat 6, HDMI wiring from camera system to TV. Low voltage panel installation, home internet wiring. Remote viewing and configuration.


Plan and implement low voltage for commercials, wiring cat 6, HDMI wiring from camera system to TV. Low voltage panel installation, office Network wiring. Remote viewing and configuration.


Free consultation with Licensed contractors. Site visit and free estimation. Review plan and change orders if necessary.


Working with Top rated brands with full support and manufacture warranty. professional installation with law defective rate.

Wireless phones

Activating Apple, Samsung, Google Pixel with Top Rated and Fast, Reliable and most coverage Network.

Jetpacks and Hotspots

Bring Wireless network any where with Jetpacks and host spots. High speed WIFI and affordable price monthly basis.

Wireless plans

Activate unlimited or shared data plan with Verizon, 4G and new 5G network. High Streaming with fast speed. High coverage and very low network congestion with Verizon.


Top- and high-quality brand screen protectors, cases, Bluetooth headphones, charges wired and wireless.

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Get Repair Service

We have Certified MAC and PC technicians and provide solutions for any hardware and software failure. We do troubleshoot, upgrade and installation. Get your computer, Desktop, laptop and server repaired here in TechCare. Repair services including:
Hard drive upgrade to SDD RAM upgrade Water damage board repair PC tune up Virus removal Service Software installation Rebuild Customize computer

Security & Smart Home

We are working with variety of security camera solutions for your home and business. You can watch your property or business anytime, anywhere. Our certified and Licensed technicians can help you to install and configure cameras. You can be able to watch live, check previous recordings on your mobile app or computer remotely. Our consult team can provide you free estimation consulting with you to choose the best camera features based on your needs:
Brand Resolution Lens size and coverage angle Night vision Recording time Analogue or Digital Cost

Before and After Repair:

Move your mouse on the left side pictures to see how is the difference between your device before and after when it get repaired in our professional workshop. You can see difference on the following repaired items:
Our certified and professional technician use advance tools to fix your gadget, recover your data fast and affordable.
Phone screen Laptop LCD Software issue Tablet screen Recover Data Keyboard replacement Water damage SSD upgrade Virus removal

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My external hard drive that stopped working out of nowhere. I was panicking because I’m a graphic designer and all of my work I’ve ever done was on it.  I was also stressed because almost every place I called was crazy expensive, like over $1k just to recover my data.  I was so relieved when TechCare told me the price! TechCare was able to recover ALL of my files that were on it and transferred it to a new external HD. It was ready to be picked up the next day. Hopefully I won’t run into this problem again, but if I do I am definitely coming back here! Thank you so much Reza, you saved my life!

Nicole S.

I needed my screen replaced on my iPhone 6. I had my children with me and was hoping this could be done quickly. I dropped my phone off with Ray, he was very welcoming and even offered my children a chocolate after asking me if that was OK. I walked around downtown Campbell and grabbed an ice cream, and a coffee at Starbucks. After we were done we walked back and my phone was ready and in great condition. It was done much quicker than I had expected. Great customer service and fair prices. Many things to do in the area while waiting for your repair.

Ashley D.

This place is hands down awesome! Their customer service is great because they truly strive to accommodate customer’s needs. Don’t be afraid by the prices at the beginning. You can ask them about prices and they WILL customize the price base on your phone’s condition.
I found this place on yelp and like most people I gave them a call to get quotes for my broken iphone screen and samsung galaxy s4. They did a good job!

Phuong N.

I would highly recommend TechCare for data recovery. I got quotes from several other companies, and they were much higher than TechCare’s quote. According to TechCare, my hard drive had a very rare, difficult-to-fix malfunction. Because of this, it took several weeks for data recovery. However, they were able to retrieve EVERYTHING from my hard drive. Despite it being more intensive than originally anticipated, they did not increase the price and stuck with the initial quote. I really appreciated this. If you need data recovery, go with TechCare!

Marissa A.

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