Legal and reliable data recovery service provider in Campbell

Have you lost all the necessary office files from your computer due to a hard disk crash?

Do you want to recover your laptop’s deleted images and video files?

If yes, you are at the right place! At TechCare, we offer the most reliable data recovery service Campbell. You can come to us at any time with lost, corrupted, or deleted files and our experts will retrieve the data quickly. Having years of experience in this field, we promise that our services are guaranteed and will never give you any reason to complain.

We will recover your lost data in TechCare using different software programs for which we already have the legal license. Therefore, you won’t have to worry much about data privacy once we recover the files for you. Apart from this, we are also experienced in recovering lost or deleted files from different devices, including but not limited to the following:

  • PC or desktop
  • Laptop
  • Hard disk or SSD
  • External disks like Flash Drive, USB drives, and more

Why choose our computer data recovery service in Campbell?

  • Experience: We have years of experience handling different situations for data recovery in Campbell. Therefore, we will solve your problems in no time, regardless of anything else.
  • Tech-savvy experts: All our team members are highly talented and have the skills to work on different types of lost and deleted files, whether the documents are stored in your device’s internal memory or the SSD drive.
  • Well-equipped: Our data recovery lab Campbell is well-equipped to ensure we can use the right software or tool to extract the deleted or lost files in no time.

Looking for a reliable expert to recover data? TechCare has got your back!

From individuals to companies, we offer our computer data recovery service Campbell to different clients while ensuring all the legal and security standards are met without further compromise. So, if you have lost or deleted the essential files, come to us, and we will retrieve them.


  • Turn off your computer and unplug your hard drive
  • Securely pack your computer and bring it to data recovery company
  • Do not run any recovery software on your hard drive if the drive has sound. Any data recovery attempt may cause scratches on the platter and in that case your data cannot be recovered permanently.
  • Do not open your hard drive in regular environment. Recovery needs special tools and expertise.
  • If you accidentally delete any file or format your drive, Do not write any data on your drive. This may cause your old data not recoverable.
  • Do not use any unregistered software on your computer. This may cause file corruption and losing data permanently.
  • Always use data recovery company if your data has value and critical. ,

Our Process

  • we check in your device first. In this level, we ask you some questions to get some idea what exactly happened to the drive.
  • we visually check the drive to verify any damages.
  • If the drive has sound, we will open the drive to check the platters and also heads to evaluate the damage.
  • based on the damage, we figure out the process of accessing the data.
  • contact customer and send the report and start recovery process upon approval.
  • Recover Data and transfer to the target drive.


1. Check in your Device

2. Diagnose the Drive and do first evaluation.

3. Contact Customer and get Approval.

4. Run The process and Data is ready to transfer to external Drive.

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There are a few clues to knowing if your HDD is physically damaged. Sound is a great indicator. If you hear a repetitive clicking sound coming from your computer just before it dies, or on startup, your drive is likely physically damaged.

That’s the sound of the read/write head trying to return to its home position and failing. Turn your computer off immediately. If you hear even the mildest of scraping or grinding sounds, your drive is physically damaged. That’s the sound of the read/write head shaving off the surface of the disks in the drive. Turn off your computer immediately.

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