Data Recovery

Data loss can be a serious crisis, but it doesn't have to be the end of the world. When you experience data loss, do not panic. Follow steps 1-2-3 in order below:


1. Properly turn off all devices connected to the computer


2. Properly turn off the computer.

Contact professional data recovery experts to help you retrieve data.Do not open up the hard drive and/or try to recover data yourself unless you have prior professional training! Any attempts without data retrieval technical expertise and professional data recovery tools could potentially cause more serious damage to the hard drive and data, and might result in irreversible damage.


It's important to know that, when the hard drive is having a physical problem, the longer you allow the hard drive to run, the more you risk serious damage to your data. Any attempts on data recovery without professional tools and knowledge can result in further damage to the data.



We can recover your Data at the time of crash or accidentally deletion:


Hard Drive

Portable Media ; flash drive , SD card, …

Water damage

Please call us and schedule an appointment for your Data Retrieval